2D & 3D

It covers Fundamentals of Art and Design after which students are exposed to detailed 3D module.
This unique program is focused on 3D Animation Visual Effects, wherein every student will create a short film during the course. This program begins with Fundamentals of Art and Design, Digital Painting and Digital 2D Animation, which is necessary for 3D Animation. The program ends with Visual Effects which is an industry demand today.


Graphic Design is a combination of text, images, designs & illustrations in a presentable layout for print.
Graphic designers create visual concepts, by manually or digitally to communicate ideas that inspire, inform, or captivate consumers. They develop the overall layout and production design for advertisements, brochures, magazines, and corporate reports.


The first module is to establish any small or large business to promote or market any ideas, products, share thoughts any information at lightning speed with the whole world.
Web Design typically includes a combination of text, images, animation, audio-video & other interactive forms of media, embedded in the presentable form for web/internet.


The program starts with Fundamentals of Film Making & Computer Graphics.
The first module deals with Fundamentals of Art, Design & Composition. A student then understands the basics of Photography and Filmmaking. The second module covers CG Assets & Characters, Rigging & Animation that is required for a VFX film.

Game &

Learn how to design levels in a game.
Learn to create advanced visual elements for game, such as detailed human and animal sculpting, convert high to low poly characters, advance texturing, presenting the assets in Engine and creation of foliage, emitters and particles.


Learn to shoot, edit video and sound to make a film
Learn to shoot, edit video and sound to make a film. Learn multiple digital video editing & sound editing tools. Learn various skills which range from technical, analytical and creative


This course is useful for anyone who wants to learn it as the hobby or want to make a career.
A student will learn about detailed digital photography, range and exposures, lenses and optics, techniques and styles, composition and learning how to see, lighting techniques, depth of field and aperture control, learning Photoshop and Lightroom to edit the photographs, blending art and photography, Color Management and Printing.